For the third year in a row, Arcosanti presented a booth at Glendale Community College’s Earth Day Vendor Fair, part of GCC’s week-long Earth Day events. The college houses an open air amphitheater designed by Paolo Soler. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in May 1995 and the silt-cast amphitheater was completed in 1996.

[photo by Tomiaki Tamura and Hildemar Cruz, text by Hildemar Cruz]

The weather served as a reminder of concerning environmental issues with a high of close to 100 degrees which forced a lot of the booth to set up inside. The booth attracted the attention of both students and staff from the College.

Hildemar Cruz was on hand to provide information on how to visit both Arcosanti and Cosanti and encourged workshop participation. She was also available to explain Arcology as a remedy for environmental concerns such as sprawl, pollution, and segregation of people and services.

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