On Wednesday evening we had a wonderful Shadow Puppet Show with story telling by some of the Arcosanti Residents.

[photos by workshop participant Kevin Pappa, thank you Kevin, text by Sue Kirsch]

The puppet show was conceived and put together by alumna Lily Ericsson. Lily interviewed a number of residents and edited the audio files, then cut the shadow puppets for the individual stories.

She was assisted in the actual play by residents Rachel Holderbach and Andrew Herman, who presented the individual stories with lots of special effects including a waterfall. Great stories, much laughter, some very serious moments and lots of applause. Thank you Lily, this was a terrific gift to the community.

Alumna Lily Ericsson is working towards her Graduate Degree A.M.F.A in Experimental Animation from the School of Film & Video at the California Institute of Fine Arts, Valencia, Ca. She returned for a research project and has been working in the Soleri Archives for the last four weeks, dividing her time between archive assignments and her research.

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