We continue our report about the Paolo Soleri exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C. in 1970 with more photos of the exhibition opening.

In some of the articles about the exhibition Paolo Soleri was described as a ‘little known architect from Arizona”. That changed dramatically with this exhibition, Paolo Soleri entered the world stage. This also started a long series of invitations to lecture all over the world, during all of his life.

in the photo: Paolo Soleri answering questions.

[all the photos in this segment are by Ivan Pintar]

Allen Brown Gardner stated in his article “Paolo Soleri: The Fine Art of Living” in FINE ARTS, April 27. 1970: “The exhibition “The Vision of Paolo Soleri”, at Washingtons Corcoran Gallery February 21st through April 5th left a record-breaking number of people who saw it delighted, excited, enriched, and definitely thinking – positively or negatively”.

in the photo: Colly and Paolo Soleri at the exhibition opening. This is the only time that we have seen Paolo in a tuxedo [in any images of him in the Soleri archives].

in the photo: Paolo Soleri with Arizona senator Barry Goldwater at the Corcoran exhibition.

in the photo: Paolo Soleri in the middle.

in the photo: Paolo Soleri is interviewed infront of the 3D Jersey model.

in the photo: Paolo Soleri infront of the Hexahedron model.

The exhibition “The Architectural Vision of Paolo Soleri” was at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC;  from February 21. to April 5. 1970

It was at the Whitney Museum, New York, NY from July 17. to September 20. 1970.

The exhibition also traveled to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL, where it opened on December 19. 1970.

The Architectural Vision of Paolo Soleri, Corcoran traveling exhibition continued to the University of California at Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA, from March 9. to May 9. 1971.

The exhibition was displayed at Canadian Government Conference Center, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, from June 8. to July 10. 1971

The exhibition was also at the Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ from September 7. to November 7. 1971.

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