The Soleri Archives crew is on an adventure to visit the Ceramics factory in Vietri sul Mare, Italy, and to explore the installation of a new Paolo Soleri sculpture infront of the factory.

in the photo: Soleri Archives volunteer Leah Ann Walker, Arcosanti planning department manager Flavio Borelli, Soleri Archives volunteer, architect Toni Fragiacomo.

[photos by Leah Ann Walker]

One of our archive interns compiled a series of reports about the Ceramics factory in 2009, see the following links on our web-site:

There is an extensive chapter about the factory in the book “Soleri, Architecture as Human Ecology” by Antonietta Iolanda Lima, Jaca Books, also in an Italian book “Paolo Soleri e Vietri” by Gianluca Frediani, published by Officiani Edizioni in 2000.

in the photo: Paolo Soleri sculpture with bell assemblies.

in the photo: the Paolo Soleri Special Assemblies attached to the sculpture.

This report continues on Friday, July 22. 2016

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