This year the Cosanti Foundation is funding a grey water system designed to handle the needs of the East Crescent Phase 5 building, which when completed will include 15 small to medium-sized apartments, several commercial units, public restrooms, and a public shower/laundry facility.

The project is being overseen by Habitat Coordinator Scott Riley, with the help of Ron Chandler and David Tollas, and is being constructed with the assistance of workshoppers, volunteers, staff, and several vendors.

[text by Scott Riley]

In 2014 Westland Resources (contact Justin Ramsey) engineered the 3000-gallon per day system, which was then permitted by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).

The installation of the system began in January 2016. Here local rancher Lane Malouff begins the excavation for the future site of the grey water tank. David Tollas checks the dimensions.

[photo by Scott Riley]

Prescott vendor Yavapai Precast (contact Mark Boehle) fabricated the 2000-gallon tank and delivered it to site.

[photo by Chihiro Saito]

The two-part, two-compartment tank was a modification of an existing design for a septic tank.

[photo by Chihiro Saito]

This report continues on Wednesday, July 27. 2016.

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