We continue our report about the installation of a grey water system designed to handle the needs of the East Crescent Phase 5 building.

The Construction Department crew and volunteers along with several members of the January 30, 2016 workshop backfill the tank. The OSB plywood facilitates separation of the fill, with 3/4″ gravel packed closely around the tank.

[photos and text by Scott Riley]

January 2016 workshop participant Viola Adriano and friend route the piping that will deliver the grey water from the East Crescent to the tank. Not pictured is Phoenix plumber Mike Fisher, who assisted in the installation of the pipes and control valves. Plumbing supplies and technical expertise were supplied by Sprinklerworld (contact Jay Orton).

The electrical controls were installed by Michael Bittman with the assistance of January 2016 workshopper Lana Morris.

in the photo: Lana Morris.

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