This year the Cosanti Foundation funded a grey water system designed to handle the needs of the East Crescent Phase 5 building, which when completed will include 15 small to medium-sized apartments, several commercial units, public restrooms, and a public shower/laundry facility.

The project is overseen by Habitat Coordinator Scott Riley, with the help of Ron Chandler and David Tollas, and is constructed with the assistance of workshoppers, volunteers, staff, and several vendors.

Several members of the Construction Crew and workshop participants dug a trench all along the path from the Colly Garden in front of the Vaults along the staircase leading to the pool, to connect with the new Grey Water System next to the pool.

[photos and text by Scott Riley]

Workshop participant Karen Kessler is using a rotatiller to loosen the earth in preparation for the installation of driplines.

Workshop participants Gregory Cooke, Victor dos Santos and Duncan Routh are digging trenches for the driplines.

The driplines have been installed and are being covered. Geoflow irrigation components, and technical expertise were supplied by Applied Process Equipment, of Scottsdale (contact Richard Sinclair). The dripline tubing is one of the irrigation components supplied by Applied Process Equipment.

Arcosanti purchasing chief Paul Vigne picked up five pallets of Fescue Sod from “Northlane Turf” in Chino Valley grass.

Installation of the sod.

Part of the lawn has been layed in.

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