photo by Kehuiphoto by KehuiWorkshop participants typically spend few days at Cosanti as a part of their second week program ‘Phoenix Field Trip.’ During their stay at Cosanti, workshoppers often work with Roger Tomalty, Executive Director of Paolo Soleri Studios and a long-term resident at Cosanti, demonstrating some of concrete casting techniques Soleri had employed in his work at Cosanti.

Roger (pictured on the ladder) is showing his assistants how a hardscape improvement will be made on this Arizona Historic Site.

photo by Kehuiphoto by KehuiFixing a guide form for casting a concrete retaining wall on steep slope requires a precision work.

photo by Kehuiphoto by KehuiDry-mixed (zero-slump) concrete is placed on the vertical surface to prevent sugging of the fresh concrete. A 2×4 lumber is used to screed off the concrete to achieve the desired finish.

photo by Kehuiphoto by KehuiFreshly-mixed concrete is delivered using wheelbarrel from the mixer to the work site in timely manner.

[Photos by Kehui & text by Tee]

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