photo by Jens Kauderphoto by Jens KauderFew more images captured here by Jens Kauder (1996 Arcosanti alumnus from Germany) are from his recent visit to Cosanti, Paolo Soleri’s original crafts and architectural studios in Scottsdale.

This outdoor Ceramic Studio is a large earthcast concrete shell and beams encompassing the work area. Plaster and earthen molds surround a central work area where ceramic bells and planters are crafted.

Clay is mixed with water to make slip, which is poured into either earthen or plaster molds. As the slip begins to dry, it shrinks away from the outer edges of the mold. Excess slip is drawn out. Designs are carved into the bell while the clay is still partially damp. Once dry, the bells are fired in the kiln and assembled.

More images by Jens’ are featured on the previous posts whose links are shown below:

photo by Jens Kauderphoto by Jens Kauder

The 20-ton concrete pool canopy (shade) was cast over an earth form at ground level and lifted into place by two cranes. The shell roof is supported by 3 used telephone poles in each of the four corners. Concrete color pigments were painted on the earthen mold and transfered to the finished concrete surface when completed. The Swimming pool was installed after the canopy was in place. The structure offers a partial shade over the pool and deck area.

Paolo Soleri used the swimming pool every day while he lived and worked at Cosanti.

[Photos by Jens Kauder & text by Tee]

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