photo by Tomiaki Tamuraphoto by Tomiaki TamuraDancer Laina Fischbeck with her collaborating musician Christophe Gateau came back to Arcosanti to perform her latest work “Vibrato” on Arcosanti Amphitheater stage with live music (guitar) composed and performed by Christophe.

Laina originally visited Arcosanti as a member of Philadelphia-based dance company photo by Tomiaki Tamuraphoto by Tomiaki TamuraThe dancer’s continuous movements throughout the show were punctuated by occasional freezed frames of her body.

photo by Tomiaki Tamuraphoto by Tomiaki TamuraHer vocal expressions in breathing tempo, synching with Christophe’s picks and strums, eventually merged into her dance movements in “Vibrato.”

More about Laina Fischbeck is found here (

[Photos and text by Tee]

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