September 2,3,4  Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Shakespeare at Arcosanti
Laark Productions presents “The Tragedy of Hamlet,” Friday and Saturday evening and Shakespeare’s comedy “All’s Well that Ends Well” on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  >>> more
September 17 Saturday
Italian Night: Acadiana
In a special twist to accompany Arcosanti’s annual Italian Dinner, performers Nick Slie from Louisiana and Circus Stella from Canada present a spectacle. >>> more
September 24 Saturday
FUSE! The Global Stilt Congress
Stilt dancers in Arcosanti’s 4th Festival Uniting Spectacle and Ensemble create “The Equinox Legislation.” >>> more
October 1   Saturday
Migration: Human Nature Dance Theatre
What happens when you pack your essentials, walk across borders, and land in unknown territory with no map of the future…. >>> more
October 2 Sunday Afternoon
Taiko Drummers: Voice of the Earth
Ken Koshio and Jakara with Special Guest Chieko Kojima from the world-renowned Japanese ensemble Kodo. >>> more
October 8 Saturday
Kokopelli the Legend
Kokopelli’s wisdom and courage revive a dying world and guide the people to their destiny in this adaptation, special to Arcosanti, of a brand new opera. >>> more details to come
October 22 Saturday
The 35th Annual Colly Concert
We end our season with chamber music to celebrate the life of Colly Soleri featuring pianist Lynne Haeseler, violin Daga Suchon, Violoncello Ruth Wenger and harp Jocelyn Oberneyer. >>> more details to come

[The programs of Colly Soleri Music Center at Arcosanti are open to all and supported in part by a grant from the Herberger Foundation]

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