Held this year on Monday Sept 26, Burning Tongue is a semi-annual celebration of spicy foods. Started in the mid 2000’s by alum Youngsoo Kim, the tradition was continued in 2016 by residents Charlie Wicker and Ali Gibbs. Attendees of Burning Tongue are encouraged to prepare a spicy food dish and to come to the event ready to taste an array of chili-laden foods.

[photos by Erin O’Loughlin, text by Ali Gibbs]

Food options this year included a delicious fresh salsa, peppery Italian pasta, Thai peanut noodles, tempura pork belly sushi, mango and Carolina Reaper smoothies, 6-chili atomic chicken, mango-habanero popsicles and Ryan David’s spicy cocktail concoctions.

Prizes were given for three categories: spiciest dish, overall favorite and hot sauce champion.

The Italian duo Laura Baroncelli and Ivan Severi took home spiciest dish with their pepper pasta, which came in third in the voting, after Charlie’s atomic chicken and Ali’s mango-habanero pops. Overall favorite of the evening was awarded to Zeb Hornberger, for his inventive tempura pork belly sushi rolls.

The hot sauce champion was Ivan Severi, who took shot after shot of hot sauce with barely a grimace, beating out three other competitors to take home the title.

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