“Las Vegas and Arcosanti:
Parallels, Paradoxes, Dissonances”

There they were, October 19, the day of the presidential debate, Las Vegas City Planner Lorenzo Mastino – recently a productive member of Arcosanti’s own planning department – and Cosanti CoPresident Jeff Stein AIA, in the auditorium of Nevada State College, just outside Las Vegas to address a regional conference of the APA / American Planning Association.

Building on the success of their joint presentation last year to the national APA conference that sent busloads of planners to Arcosanti to be in their presence, Lorenzo and Jeff spent their morning describing and comparing the two ends of the Urban Planning scale: Las Vegas and Arcosanti. And so, the title: “Las Vegas and Arcosanti: Parallels, Paradoxes, Dissonances.”

Their audience, comprised of Western city planners, was appreciative and engaged: the work ahead for all of them is to make sustainable, lovable cities out of sprawling, drought-riddled urban fabrics. “Transformation” was the term on the tip of people’s tongues at the end of Lorenzo and Jeff’s discussion.

It is always a treat for us to participate in the professional lives of those alumni who have contributed so much to Arcosanti, and whose lives have been changed because of their contribution. Lorenzo Mastino and his wife Hildemar Cruz (who herself now exerts some influence in her new job with the City of Las Vegas) are two such Arcosanti alums. Thanks to them for putting our work front and center at the APA Las Vegas.

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