‘High Desert Heritage Museum’ and the ‘Friends of Agua Fria’ produced the 2016 CORDES AREA HERITAGE FESTIVAL on October 15. 2016.

The festival was an event to inform visitors and residents of some of the historical sites in our area by talking about the sites, as well as providing guides at the various locations to answer questions and point the way.

The self-guided tours, organized by the Friends of the Agua Fria National Monument, include the 1891 School House site, The Tesky Home Site, Pueblo La Plata, and the Badger Springs petroglyphs.

[photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Cliff Hersted]

The self-guided tours, organized by the High Desert Museum, include the Ash Creek Petroglyph Site, Spring Valley Hilltop Pueblo, Old Cordes Station and Arcosanti.

The event took place at the High Desert Visitor Information Center, which is sponsored and operated by the High Desert Heritage Museum [HDHM] and the Cosanti Educational Foundation at Arcosanti.

The Visitors Information Center has over 300 maps and brochures concerning tourism in Arizona. Over 6000 visitors from all over America and the world stop by every year.

Dr. Tim Flood of ‘The Friends of the Agua Fria National Monument’ explained the importance of the wet/dry mapping of the Agua Fria River each June during the dryest period in order to measure ‘base flow’. He also discussed the importance of the Riparian areas and of birding in the area.

The ‘Arizona Site Stewards’ produced a display concerning the archaeogical preservation and the protection of Historica and archaeological sites.

Arizona Game and Fish displayed a veriety of pelts and skulls fro Arizona wildlife. They also provided updated information about hunting and fishing in Arizona.

Staff of the Agua Fria National Monument gave away booklets, maps and posters [including a poster of the 13 Arizona Rattlesnakes].

Cliff Hersted, Arcosanti resident and Curator for the HDHM, briefly talked about the development of the museum and the activities of the Cordes Area Heritage Festival.

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