Here at Arcosanti we play a different version of the game of Golf. It is called DINKY LINKS and has become a much loved tradition. The course usually consists of 16 holes, 9 holes in the very difficult terrain of the Minds Garden, and 7 holes in various locations between the Arcosanti buildings. This environmentally friendly golf course requires zero maintenance and zero water.

[photos and text by Sue Kirsch]

Dr. Sparks, aka Michael Bittman, Arcosanti site electrician, conducted last weeks practice game to get ready for the “ThanksGiving” week-end tournament. Sparks makes the point that anyone can hit a ball on a lawn.

At one of the holes in the Minds Garden all participants tee off at the same time. Whoever hits the old cement mixer first gets a shot. Some of the rules of this local game are for instance if your ball lands in a cactus or behind a rock, you can move the ball one club-length away for your next shot.

Usually the trophies are in the best of Arcosanti recreational tradition. The most coveted award is the mediocrity award, for the person that finishes right in the middle.

The amazing ‘Dinky Links’ tournament is the brainchild of alumnus Richard Johnson and originated in Jerome, Arizona. 

For some past games take a look at the following links

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