A very Happy THANKSGIVING  to family and friends near and far.

So much to be grateful for. Here are a few images from the archives to give a glimpse into the amazing effort of all of the people that gave their time and energy to build Arcosanti.

photo: Construction of the North Vault, 1970-71, photo by Ivan Pintar

photo: East Housing under construction, 1971-72, photo by Ivan Pintar

photo: Paolo Soleri with the Ceramics Apse under construction in the background, 1972, photo by Annette del Zoppo.

photo: Construction of the Ceramics Apse, 1972, photo by Ivan Pintar.

photo: Construction of West Housing, 1973, photo credit: Cosanti Foundation.

photo: Landscaping infront of the Ceramics Apse, construction of the Crafts III building in the background, 1975-76, photo credit: Cosanti Foundation.

photo: Interior of the completed structure of Crafts III, 1977, photo credit: Cosanti Foundation.

photo: Construction of the Lab Building, 1976, photo by Annette Del Zoppo.

photo: The excavated area for the East Crescent, the first pillar for the amphitheater is getting formed up, 1980,

photo by alumnus Munekazu Iwata, father of alumnus Daiki Iwata who was here this spring with his lovely wife and awesome baker Akiko Iwata.

photo: The Colly Soleri Music Center with the amphitheater seating under construction, 1981, photo credit: Cosanti Foundation.

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