Here is a report by Dr. Sparks, aka Michael Bittman, the DINKY LINKS organizer.

“On the day after Thanksgiving, we held our annual dinky links tournament. I made it thru the more difficult shot of thru the middle of a large rock for two shots off.

photo of Sparks driving the ball through the V of trees to the lower level of the Minds Garden.

[photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Dr. Sparks]

After 11 holes in the garden we head for buildings where we shoot across flat roofs,

bounce down onto the stage from the keystone unit , everyone`s favorite, and down sidewalks, trying to add every building, and ending, bouncing off the lids of our new grey water tank.

The passing tours love the show!! Everyone was awarded a trophy, but the most coveted was first place won by Charlie.

Mediocrity, which is the score between lowest and highest, tied by Ali and Zeb (this was Zeb`s 4th mediocrity in a row, he apparently likes being in the middle) and highest score accomplished by Erin received the outhouse trophy.

Another humorous trophy was the most lost balls trophy (a trophy with a golf ball with a compass glued to the top, to help him find the ball in the next tournament) won by Sean Paul.

Some years we play the day after Halloween when everyone plays in whatever is left of their costume!! Next tournament is New Years day!! Come out to play!!”

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