The Arcosanti gallery is offering a new set of  [5] limited edition [of 100 each] prints, numbered and autographed by Soleri in 2012, impeccably reproduced from Paolo Soleri’s original sketches depicting a variety of the Soleri GENESIS series drawn in the 1970’s.

image: PSG-I

– Black ink on 12″x12″ on acid-free 100# paper

– Limited edition of 100 each

Although the images do not show it, but they are:

– individually numbered (from 1 to 100)

- autographed by Paolo Soleri in 2012

- embossed with Cosanti logo

The prints can be bought as a set or individually. They will also be available on our web-store soon.

Cost of the individual prints is $75 plus shipping.

Cost of the set of 5 prints is $300 plus shipping.

image: PSG-II

image: PSG-III

image: PSG-IV

image: PSG-V

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