Arcosanti was proud to welcome Phoenix-based band, The Technicolors, to perform an unplugged acoustic set for residents on the evening of December 21. 2016.  Band members included Sean Silverman and Brennen Smiley, along with special guest Kenneth Edwards.  After finding Arcosanti on Airbnb, the musicians sought out the location to serve as a creative catalyst.

[photo and text by Airbnb coordinator Lana Morris]

Message from the band:
“We came to Arcosanti hoping to find some space outside the city where would be able to think creatively and approach some of the new songs we had just written from a new perspective. Ultimately we didn’t know what we were walking into, but I can speak for all of us when I say that we were completely taken back. From the minute we began to strike a chord inside the vaults, we could feel the unique vibration that this place provides.

We were welcomed with open arms, and we’re fortunate enough to have played a little set for some of the wonderful residents. We’re really looking forward to creating there more in the near future!”




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