Some of the interior spaces here at Arcosanti have custom designed concrete countertops in kitchen and/or bathrooms, as well as in some of the public restrooms. 

The creation of a custom countertop it is a special project from beginning to finish. This present countertop was started in the middle of December with the building of a form constructed of laminate wood. Here is workshop participant Denise Aimar cutting the side pieces for the form.

[photo by Sue Kirsch]

Woodshop manager Randall Schultz advises Denise and Valentina on the construction of the form.

[photo by Leah-Ann Walker]

Maintenance manager Jeff Fisher is welding the metal reinforcement structure that will be inside of the concrete.

[photo by Sue Kirsch]

Here we can see the form, with the rebar cage tied to wooden support pieces, to keep it at a certain level within the concrete. We can see wooden cut-outs where openings for the sinks will be, as well as little wooden doohickies to leave spaces for water faucets etc.

More to come.

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