This continues our report of the construction of a custom designed countertop. This piece will be in the bathroom and shower area of the East Housing unit under complete renovation [report about the renovation coming soon]. 

Here we are in the beginning of January, usually a quiet time for construction as the workshop program does not start until the end of January. Director of Design and the Soleri Archives, Tomiaki Tamura, is taking a morning to teach all of the stages of concrete countertop construction.

[photos by Sue Kirsch]

Staff and volunteers from many different departments are excited to learn the process. It’s very cold so the form is set up in the interior space of construction and model storage in Unit 7 of the East Crescent.

Concrete is mixed behind the East Crescent and Tomiaki explains the consistency of concrete about to be mixed, what kind of concrete color can be used, how to get a very smooth surface.

Tomiaki with Denise Aimar looking at the the concrete color about to be mixed into the cement.

Lots of hands to help pack the concrete down very well.

More to come.

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