Last Saturday we were happy to host Prescott’s very own Salt of the Earth! The group is comprised of Michael Lewis on guitar, Dallas Norman on mandolin and vocals, Chris Hout on stand-up base, and Susan Kelly on lead vocals.

Mostly they stuck to heartwarming and sanguine Americana tunes, but they mixed it up throughout the night with rock ballads from the likes of Led Zeppelin interspersed with bluegrass shredding sessions where Dallas and Michael let the strings fly.

They were showing the love in the Arcosanti Cafe for a lively evening of uplifting music, delicious food (courtesy of Lance Cope), and the coming together of Arcosanti Alumni, Prescottonians, Verde Valley-ites, and Arconauts.

[photos and text by Sean-Paul VonAncken]

Thanks so much, Salt of the Earth, for coming out to play with us. They have another show coming up that we recommend everyone check out. On April 9th, they’ll be strumming, plucking, and serenading at The Raven in Prescott – a wonderful watering hole – if you havent been before. Go support these wonderful musicians, and the wonderful music they have to share!

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