Welcome to a group from TEMPLE University in Philadelphia visiting Arcosanti for a 10-day study course.

Professors Dr. Barry Vassar and Dr. Patrick Murphy brought 25 of their students from a course “Media, Ecology and Technology”.

photo: the program started with an extensive tour with Arcosanti PR representative Sean-Paul VonAncken and assistant workshop coordinator Devron Lovick, here in the Ceramics Studio.

[photos by Sue Kirsch]

The group has a full schedule of classes, lectures, visits to the various departments at Arcosanti, a silt-cast workshop, trips to Biosphere and the Grand Canyon, evenings with intense films and documentaries.

participants are:

Jamay Carroll,
Jihun Choi,
Charles “Archie” Cooley,
Rachel DeCresci,
Tanner DeFebo,
Jennifer Fayberd,
Robert Fischer,
Jordyn Fischer-Robinson,
Hannah Gomez,
Danielle Henry-Fagon,
Caitlyn Heter,
Anjie Hughes,
Jacquelyn Juliano,
Sara Livezey,
Claire McGlinchey,
Abby Moore,
Dr. Patrick Murphy,
Quanya Myers,
Hoa Nguyen,
Spencer Nitkey,
Bridget O’Hara,
Greta Phillips,
Andrea Salas,
Evan Thomas,
Dr. Barry Vacker,
Christopher Vazquez,
Gabrielle Verzella,
Katherine Weaver.

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