Since ancient times, then, Taiko rhythms have set the heartbeat in motion, expressing the melodies and pulse of mother earth. And Ken Koshio with his ensemble KenZoo brought those rhythms to a delighted audience at Arcosanti this past Saturday night, beneath our great vaulted arches.

[photos by archive volunteer Chihiro Saito, text by Jeff Stein]

Appearing with Ken were Dasemesh on didgeridoo, John Paul Mendes and Takuro Yamaguchi on Taiko Drums, and Hopi flautist, drummer and singer Ryon Polequaptewa.

Ken Koshio is not only a virtuoso musician, but a master/practitioner of WA. WA means “harmony, peace, balance” and also “circle” in Japanese. Koshio-san brought the Way of WA to his Arcosanti performance, engaging our audience and the place itself in a very moving performance. Another one of those magical evenings at Arcosanti that we talk about from time to time.

At a recent event that explored the music of Frederik Chopin, we pointed out that while Chopin spent his entire adult life in France, he was born in Poland, and was never much of a communicator in the French language. Instead, MUSIC was his language; and it is the same with Koshio-san. Born in Japan, he speaks English just fine, but MUSIC is how he really communicates, and he did that powerfully at Arcosanti.
And sure enough, later this past Saturday night, the Easter moon did appear in the Arcosanti sky.

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