Here is some of the Arcosanti crew on 17. April 2017.

[photo by Chihiro Saito]

back from left:
Zeb Hornberger – foundry, Ian McClerin – IT & web, Joseph Islas – construction volunteer, Eli McAlister – construction volunteer, Devron Lovick – AIS & web volunteer, Charlie Wicker – foundry, Patrick Louie – maintenance, Dillon Quibon – foundry, Shannon MacKenzie – PR volunteer, Paul Vigne – purchasing,

Jeff Stein – Cosanti Foundation Co-Director, Cayo Romero – cermaics, Jeff Fisher – maintenance manager, Travis Neil – IT & web, Arthur Swieckowski – maintenance & construction volunteer, Joel Masters – construction, Peter Dahm – cafe, Roger Tomalty – Cosanti Foundation Co-Director.

middlle from left:
Leah-Ann Walker – archive volunteer, Laura Villa Baroncelli – archive volunteer, Andy Chao – foundry manager, Kyle Larimer – workshop, Rob Jameson – IT & web, Lana Morris – AirB&B, David Tollas – alumnus, Trinity Divelbiss – landscaping, Sasha Tollas – family, Patrick Doyle – alumnus – construction volunteer, Jan Jorissen – foundry volunteer, Erik Puzio – construction, Jonas Fister – foundry, Julie Quinn – landscaping, Aimee Marcinko – ceramics manager, Kyli Skinner – workshop, Kevin Pappa – planning, John Walsh – Board of Directors Chairman, Mary Hoadley – Cosanti Foundation Co-Director.

front from left:
Chihiro Saito – archive volunteer, Sue Kirsch – archive manager, Tomiaki Tamura – Cosanti Foundation Co-Director, Ron Chandler – construction and landscaping manager, Sean-Paul VonAncken – PR, Ryan Davis – foundry, Danny Fields – guest services, Michael Bittman [aka Dr. Sparks] – site electrician, Taylor Courtland – foundry.

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