A tremendous amount of work is in progress to prepare for upcoming events, part of it is the amphitheater stage.

Here we can see work in progress on the steel frame above the amphitheater stage that supports lighting for the stage. Jeff Stein is on top of scaffolding to paint the steel frame.

[photos by Sue Kirsch and lvb]

This Saturday will be our annual VIVALDI Festival, the 14. year that this festival takes place at Arcosanti. In another week we look forward to the major event FORM ARCOSANTI 2017, a huge production with four individual stages.

FORM ARCOSANTI is an event by invitation only and the Arcosanti site is closed to the public during May 12, 13 and 14. 2017.

The crew is detaching the front part of the frame and slowly lowering it to the stage.

Here we can see the painted and minimal steel frame.

More to come.

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