Friday, June 2, 2017 @ 7 pm–11:30 pm

Saturday, June 3, 2017 @ 7 pm–11:30 pm

      Two nights only!

[photos and text courtesy Flam Chen]

Explore the fantastical world of the Fisherman and his Wife as they explore the deepest levels of divinity and self realization in an evening length new circus performance in the legendary vaults of Arcosanti.  Replete with exquisite puppetry, daring acrobatics and Flam Chen’s signature pyrotechnic styling.

It features the media artwork of Adam Cooper-Terán and Heather Gray-Original mix by DJ Dirty Verbs, stunning aerial work by Jennifer Coughlan and Monica Boccio and the Flam Chen core cast with special guest To-Ra-Nee Kaier Wolf (as “The Wife”)

7:00 pm: Musical Guest (to be announced)

8:30 pm: Performance of “The Fisher’s Wish” 

10:00 pm–11:30 pm: Dance Party in Arcosanti


Tickets: $25 ($10 for children at the door / Discount applies on multiple tickets)

For tickets and more information, please visit Flam Chen website

Buffet Dinner ($10) is available at Cafe @ 6 pm

Please contact Arcosanti@928.632,7135 for Dinner reservations

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