Work continues on the new fence between the Visitors Parking area and our recycling area.

We posted reports on 5/26, 5/29 and 6/7/2017 on the first phases of the work, with an introduction of several renderings from our planning department to show what we are working towards.

In the 5/29 report we showed the concrete pour of about half of the wall foundation. Here we can see the cured concrete foundation and in the far background is the crew waiting to pour the second half.

[photos by Sue Kirsch]

Re-bar has been bent, wired into place and inspected throughout the different levels of formwork.

It was impossible to dig a trench as deep as for most of the wall at the north end, because there are huge boulders in the ground.

The crew had to drill holes into the stone and anchor rebar directly to the boulders. A special inspection gave permission to use a special anchoring epoxy to hold the rebar in place.

More to come

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