The steam-box was custom made to prepare the wood for being shaped. The wood pieces were put inside the plastic pipe which is connected to a steam generator. Vaporized hot air is pumped inside the pipe and treats the wood for about one hour. When the wood comes out, it is ready to be bent into the form.

(photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Shannon Mackenzie)

The plywood was steamed and then bent with the framework crafted by our wonderful Randall Schultz. After bent, the pieces were dried out and glued together. After some sanding, they were given two coats of polyurethane.

Here, Randall and workshop participant Joseph clamp the softened wood into the form.

Pieces of metal were crafted in house for the window brackets and tracks, allowing for the windows to be opened and closed easily.

While the window frames were constructed, the round pieces of plexiglass were prepared, drilled into for brackets and hinges to allow the operation of the window. Arthur lays out the drilling schedule on the protected pieces of plexiglass.

The assembled windows were then installed at the East Housing unit. Currently, Randall, with the assistance of workshop participants and the maintenance crew are putting the final touches on the installed windows.

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