This week our construction manager led a trip of workshop participants to Sedona Recycle Inc to drop off a load of recyclable electronics, plastic, and styrofoam and tour their hard working facility.

Our tour guide was incredibly helpful, taking the time to explain how they process each different material and type of material. She even showed us where they have to exclusively separate cat food containers from other metals. Sedona Recycle Inc uses an industrial baler to condense the materials they collect into manageable sizes. Here their cardboard and paperboard have already been processed through the baler, and the numbers spray painted onto them indicate each bundle’s weight.

They have a machine that mixes the different styrofoam pieces up and compresses the beads into dense logs. Construction Intern, Du Hao, shows off their condensed styrofoam.

Workshop participant, Richard, and Eli from the construction crew stand beside the stacks of aluminum and steel cans that have been processed by the baler.

The crushed cans together create a beautiful and serious reminder of how much waste Americans produce.

In true devotion to “reduce, reuse, recycle,” Sedona Recycles Inc has this whimsical dragon at the entrance of their facility to show off the creative possibilities of our waste. (photos and text by Shannon Mackenzie)

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