This week, Arcosanti got a visit from 75 students from the Desert Marigold School, a Waldorf School in Phoenix. “The mission of Desert Marigold School is to provide an educational context that emphasizes intellectual achievement and the imaginative, artistic, and moral growth of its students. By addressing their heads, hands and hearts, the school will encourage students to be lifelong learners and independent thinkers as well as self motivated, self-disciplined, creative, adaptable and responsible individuals.” Here they are touring the site.

The students took a one week field trip north. Before coming to Arcosanti, they camped at Lynx Lake and volunteered at Prescott Creeks. We are honored to be included in their trip. 

During there visit, they got a tour of the architecture, watched a bronze pour, and had a pool party! Here they are preparing to watch the bronze pour.

They also got to participate in a silt casting workshop. (photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Shannon Mackenzie)

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