A group of inspired architects from Aero Collective based in Los Angeles came to visit Arcosanti this past weekend.

From their website: “AERO COLLECTIVE is a multi-faceted design practice that gathers unique creative talents to realize your vision. Our project types are purposefully diverse in order to maintain creative curiosity regarding each individual project; as a result our experience covers: Affordable Housing, Art Galleries, Art Museums, Master Planning, Multi-Family Housing, Office, Restaurants, Retail, Single Family Residential, and Theaters. Our mission is to meet and exceed your expectations on every project, no matter its size, scope or complexity; thus, we proudly partner with innovative, creative professionals who will help us realize your unique vision. Truly great design comes from the inspired ideas of talented and passionate people working in collaboration, and we would like to be the team that designs your space.”

During their stay, they were guided on an in-depth tour of the Arcosanti Architecture by resident and Penn State graduate Ryan David. The group even joined the community in the evening for activities in the Vaults, getting a better feel for daily life at Arcosanti. To find out more about Aero Collective, visit their website at www.aerocollective.com


(Text and photos by Shannon Mackenzie)

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