One week ago, Arcosanti hosted the 36th Annual Colly Concert featuring the wonderful A Cappella Syndicate. In honor of Colly Soleri’s love for music, theater, and conviviality, and all of the hard work she did for the Cosanti Foundation.

“[…]We are amazed at the amount of work she did, and how she left it all so perfectly organized. There are handwritten copies of the text of Soleri’s early sketchbooks, many many typed manuscripts, correspondence with schools and universities and people all over the world, minutely detailed itineraries for Paolos lecture trips, photos and slides of all of the early construction efforts and so much more.” – Cosanti Foundation Archives Department

A Cappella Syndicate filled the amphitheater with energy and beautiful singing. Some of their songs included choreography, some were more somber lullabies that lingered in the air. After the concert, the singers and audience headed to the Arcosanti cafe for a special dinner consisting of Colly’s favorite dishes: borscht, lemon chicken, stuffed mushrooms, wild rice, salad, and green beans. The a cappella singers decided to serenade the audience in the cafe and hear the incredible acoustics of the Crafts III atrium.

A big thanks to the A Cappella Syndicate for joining us for this years Colly Concert! And thank you to all who came out in support of Arcosanti, the Cosanti Foundation, and the memory of Colly Soleri.

“From Colly’s work and radiance we will call out music for years to come, for children and grownups, for bodies and minds.” – Paolo Soleri, 1982

(Text and photos by Shannon Mackenzie)

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