? Italian architecture student Raffaele Elba worked in the Soleri Archives during his scholarship and workshop in the summer and fall of 2008.
During this time he visited the Soleri Amphitheater in Santa Fe, New Mexico and brought back recent photos.

? In 1965 the IAIA (INSTITUTE OF AMERICAN INDIAN ARTS) approached Paolo Soleri to design an out-door amphitheater at its campus in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The amphitheater would house a growing tradition of American Indian performance arts, and Soleri later said that the open-air theater would “frame the moon and sun”. Soleri’s design called for a dramatically upwardly-shaped, earth cast concrete structure to cover the performance area.

? The magic of performance beckons attendees to a semi-circular seating space which surrounds the open-air stage. The Paolo Soleri Amphitheater has been used for events ranging from internationally publicized rock concerts to IAIA graduation ceremonies. The amphitheater is the permanent venue of the annual Native Roots and Rhythms Festival.
We continue this report on 1/5/09 with more of Raffaeles photos and images of the actual construction.

Best Wishes for the New Year!

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