? Work continues on the AOT ramp, see most recent reports from 2/23 – 2/27/09.
David Tollas shows his crew of volunteers and workshop participants how to mix cement into a soupy slurry.
This slurry is now applied to the new retaining wall.

? The trick is to get the right consistency, so that it flows very slowly down the sloped wall and hardens into a very interesting surface, like miniature lava flow.
Before the slurry hardens fine silt is dusted onto this surface.

? Once the coated slurry dries it will lighten in color.
Work continues with the completion of the level 1 railing and lots of details to finalize the ramp. We will report on this later.

On 3/4/09 we will start a series of retrospective on the pool stabilization project, alternating with reports of most recent events.

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