Welcome to the first Arcosanti workshop-participants of 2009.
In the back from left to right are Andrew Chesley, Christopher Reighley,
Eric Davis, Robert Cichocki (seminar week), Laura Dunn, Ryan Weinman, Stefano Massa, and Nathan Hodgson. In the front row are Kengo Kurimoto and Jenny Druda (seminar week).

[Photo & text: dkt]

On Tuesday, everybody had a chance to work with the Construction and Landscaping department on the project of the new Visitor’s entrance pathway. People worked on different levels, preparing drainage lines for the sides of the already poured slabs.

[Photo: Tyler Scott & text: dkt]


The final section of the pathway will be poured next week. In this photo, we see construction crew-leaders and workshop-participants leveling the ground and securing formwork for the slab. We will continue with a report on the concrete pour for this project.

[Photo: Scott Riley & text: dkt]

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