? The pool stabilization project has been under way since December 2007.
Since the early 90’s, when excavation work was done for LA LOGGIA, a three-story structure to be built directly south of the pool, the pool deck has been in need of structural stabilization.

? This image shows the weathered basalt with columns, retrofitted in 1985, under the original footings. The chalked lines in the foreground mark the location of La Loggia.
In order to begin the ground breaking for La Loggia, or the Greenhouse Energy Apron, this stabilization project has to be complete.

? The project named a ”vertical garden/cubist landscape,” by Paolo Soleri, was undertaken by David Tollas as project manager with Paolo’s design direction.
The main structural element in creating a buttress to stabilize the pool deck, is the nine foot circle panel cast in the early 90’s for the Greenhouse Energy Apron.

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