? Today, we report on the concrete-pour of a staircase for the new Visitors’ Entrance pathway for Arcosanti.
Before the concrete is poured, a reinforcing mesh is made out of rebar. The grey surface under the rebar is a slurry sprayed on the ground in order to enhance the rigidity of the concrete.

? The collaged photos show the sequence of the pour. In the top left photo, the rebar, slurry and sides of the formwork are ready. The top right photo shows the attached formwork for the risers of the staircase. In the bottom photos, the Construction crew is filling in the concrete and smoothing out the surface with aluminum and steel trowels.

? In this photo, Landscaping Coordinator, Ron Chandler is washing off the top layer of cement with a hose and a brush, so that the staircase will have an exposed aggregate surface.
Next week, we will have another report on the pour of this staircase.

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