? We continue our report from 1/7/09 on the construction of the Paolo Soleri Amphitheater in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
With the earth mound in shape, a retaining wall was built around the base.

? Above the retaining wall, a large number of triangular plywood shapes were constructed and placed around the sides of the mound.
These became the textured formwork upon which the curved concrete supports were cast. By damming small parts of the formwork, windows were left in the concrete which would allow glimpses of the surrounding environment. In this way, Soleri transformed the concave structure into a complex veil.

? Here is the Amphitheater today, in one of Raffaele Elbas recent photos.
The texture of the coffered roof and back wall is clearly visible and seems to contribute to the accoustical qualities of the space.
There will be one more report of this sequence on 1/12/09.

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