? We continue our report from 2/6/09. Construction staff Kyle Engoian and alumnus Dan Kelliher moved on to tile the floor of the two-bedroom apartment in Unit 7 in the East Crescent complex.
At this time the apartments of Unit 6, 7, 9 and 10 are used for workshop participants and visiting groups.

? Kyle applies an adhesive, ‘thinset’, to the back of a tile, before putting the tile in place.
As all of the East Crescent units are wedge shaped, a lot of the tiles had to be custom cut to fit.

? Some of the dividing walls between the bedrooms and the living space are curved, another challenge for tile cutting.
The tile work on the floors is complete. A dark grout works very well with the lighter tiles.
Here one of the rooms has been made ready for the incoming workshop.

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