? Here are some of the Arcosanti residents, staff, volunteers and workshop participants. This photo was taken on June 3. 2009.

[upper row from left]:
Carrie Krueger [guest services], Darina Trendafilova [archives – café volunteer], Dan Weeden [maintenance], Brent Scott [landscaping volunteer], Peter Lindgren [café], Silvia Motori [visitor], Vittorio Leone [work-study scholarship], Rocio Montefiori [workshop participant, archives], Frédérick Michaud [graphics intern], Justin Harris [volunteer agriculture, utilities, archives], Travis Neal [construction volunteer], Robert Graddy [workshop participant, construction], Scott Riley [utilities manager], Taylor Scott [foundry], Valentina Lucherini [graphics volunteer], Andrew Woodard [construction], Erin O’Rourke [agriculture volunteer], and Kyle Engpian [construction-maintenance].

[middle row from left]:
Andy Chao [foundry], Colleen Reckow [ceramics], Laurence Chave [graphics intern], Matthew Blunderfield [workshop participant – landscaping], Brian Fritz [landscaping], Julie-Ann Ketchum [maintenance volunteer], Daniel Anderson [graphics volunteer], Induja Lakshmi [planning intern], Tanner White [work-study scholarship], Ricardo Campanella [workshop – construction, planning intern], Kwun Sau Chiu [workshop – maintenance, archive intern], Maria Cabrera [workshop – construction] and Sue Anaya [archives].

[lower middle row from left]:
Gen Yamamura [construction volunteer], Ron Chandler [landscaping], Jeff Buderer [construction], Rick Peterson [construction volunteer], Erica Bazzini [workshop – construction, planning intern], and Alfonso Elia [graphics].

[front row from left]:
Charlie Wicker, Tristan Tollas, Dave Tollas [construction], Murray Natkie [AIS], Paolo Soleri, baby Sasha Tollas and Nadia Begin-Tollas, Matteo Di Michele [Human Resources and Italian Project], Erin Jeffries [Public Relations], Youngsoo Kim [graphics-planning], Directors Mary Hoadley and Tomiaki Tamura.

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