? This is the 11th year that Arcosanti hosts the annual JUNETEENTH Festival.
Preparation activities are buzzing across the Arcosanti site. All of the crew got together to put up a large parashute to shade the amphitheater.

? We welcome back event organizer Milt Cannon of the Prescott Jazz Society Featured are Louisiana’s Henry Turner & Flavour, Prescott’s own Canon Fire Ensemble and Lady ‘J’ Huston from Las Vegas.
Festival hours are Saturday, June 13. 2009 from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm and Sunday, June 14. 2009 from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Admission is $10/day for adults, $5/day for teens and VIP passes are $25/day. For more information call the Prescott Jazz Society at [928] 237-7908 or visit

This is totally off the subject, but should be mentioned:
You can see in the lower left photo a film crew from FICTION FACTORY, 1–2 SGWÂR MOUNT STUART, BAE CAERDYDD, WALES helping to put up the parashute.
The crew visited Arcosanti for two days, interviewed Paolo and filmed for an interesting project:
The project is a six part Welsh language documentary on recent Welsh history, told from an international context, and with each episode focusing on a different topic. The topic of the episode for which we are filming with you is “Being Green”. Wales has been something of a haven for the green movement since the seventies – John Seymour, the father of the self-sufficiency movement moved to a smallholding in South Wales in the seventies, and proceeded to pen the bible of the movement, ‘The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency’ while living here. Wales is also home to the largest centre for alternative technology in Europe, so it is a topic very close to our hearts, and there is often conflict between our ecology and our economy when it comes to the planners’ decisions.
The reason we have arranged to travel to Arcosanti to film is because Paolo Soleri has taken even bigger and braver steps to build a concept for a sustainable future, and has been very much ahead of his time doing so. We want to compare his efforts to the efforts of figure-heads of the movement in Wales, but equally we would like to compare the skepticism Mr Soleri has faced in America with the adverse reaction certain parties in Wales have expressed to the movement. Besides this, Arcosanti is architecturally stunning and the landscape you inhabit has a far grander scale than we do in Wales, so this will add another layer of texture to a varied programme.



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