? This is the second part of a series of reports on the Solimene factory at Vierti sul Mare, Italy.
In this original Soleri drawing, one can see the ingenuous structural composition of the building. The tree-like columns, tapering from a base of 4 feet to a top of 8 inches, provide support for the roof and cantilevered slabs and also elegantly frame the central atrium.
The drawing measures 24 by 14 inches and was executed in pencil and china ink on vellum.

? These are 1953 black and white photos taken by Colly Soleri during construction of the factory. The left one shows scaffolding and formwork still in place for pouring of the final slabs. In the photo on the right, the skylight-perforated roof has been cast.

? This is a 2006 interior view of the Solimene Ceramics factory. The photo was taken by Alfonso Elia, who generously took several trips to Vietri sul Mare and presented the Soleri Archives with spectacular images of the building.

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