? This continues our report on the ongoing construction of a new handicap-accessible pathway for the Visitors’ Center at Arcosanti.
Workshop-participants assisted the construction and landscaping crew during the concrete pour of a staircase and a slab.
The lower section of this staircase was cast earlier, see report from May 8. 2009.
This pour completes the staircase and the slab that connects it to the ramp.
In the top right photo, crew-leader Brent Scott, and a workshop-participant are fastening a guide for the formwork. To the right, concrete is poured and leveled into the formwork. In the bottom photos, you see some of the detail work for the pour. To the left, Marco Tilocca is using an edger to round up the corners of the slab, and to the right, Andrew Woodard is setting in spacers for the posts of the future railings.

? Later, the slab is given a final smoothing with an aluminum bow-float. After some time, water under pressure is sprayed on the concrete, so that the top layer of cement washes away, and the staircase and slab will have a coarser surface for better traction.

? Finally, a sealer is sprayed on concrete.
This report continues on 5/20/09 with installation of lighting along the new ramp.

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