? This continues the report on installation of lighting along the new Visitors’ Center pathway.
Construction crew-leader Dr. Sparks instructs workshop-participants on the installation of electrical lines and light fixtures. In the top images, workshop-participants are splicing wires, which are later connected with the help of heat treatment (bottom left photo). At last, the fixtures are anchored in the ground.

? The light fixtures are then connected to a bank of solar panels.

The solar panels were graciously donated by PTL [Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory], which is a part of Arizona State University.
[see prior reports about installation of the solar panels in February and March 2008].

? The solar light fixtures were purchased from “Nightscaping”, Los Angeles, CA.
Thank you, Kevin Smith of Nightscaping, for your help.

Efforts continue to complete this new visitors center entrance. Steel railings for the new staircases are in the process of being cut and welded into place, and new sign are still to be installed.

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