? Welcome to the May 17. 2009 workshop participants:

[back from left]
Charles “Chip” Duggan,
Robert Graddy,
Jeffrey McInturff [2 weeks],
Alan Kinkaid and Ron Miller [seminar week],
and Matthew Blunderfield.

[front from left]
Rocio Montefiori,
Riccardo Campanella and Erica Bazzini [workshop and internship in planning & graphics], Erin Lindquist [2 weeks], Maria Cabrera, Silvia Motori, Induja Lakshmi [workshop and internship in planning], and Kwun Sau Chiu [workshop and internship in the archives].
Not in the photo, also part of this workshop is Allen M. “Brook” McCullogh.

? Paolo Van Erp arrived for the second week of the April 12. 2009 workshop and this seminar week completed his 5-week program.
Paolo Van Erp is the son of alumnus Peter Van Erp [1976-1979] and alumna Chiara Romano Van Erp [1977+1979]. Peter and Chiara met at Arcosanti and were married here in 1980.

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