? More images have arrived and we could keep up this report for another couple of weeks, but, this is the last sequence of the 90th birthday party-Alumni Reunion event report.
James Horecka sent other terrific images and this came in this morning, showing the AVALANCHE BAR mixer, location under the pool, occasion the inauguration of the pool bracing project [more on this project upcoming]. This image was taken on Friday, June 19. 2009.
And here is a link to And Laura Powers sent a whole sequence of Russel Ferguson with Bergen Carlson-Price, son of Tom Price, on Friday afternoon, doing what Russel did a lot of over the years here at Arcosanti, building a rock wall, this one at the pool-bracing project.

? The Saturday evening event closed in the Colly Soleri amphitheater. After the amazing FLAM CHEN performance, everyone drifted back into the amphitheater for the unveiling of the DREAM CAPSULE, presented by THE MAGPIE COLLECTIVE.

? Alumna Melinda Barnadas brought collaborator’s Tae Hwang and Chad Nielson from the Magpie Collective, and set up studio in the café. The project was for everyone’s participation, to record individual vision for the future and have this recording, writing, drawing, put into a balloon. The balloons were inflated and put into a huge capsule, with small LED lights at the bottom and some quietly tinkling bells attached. And at the end of the evening of this amazing birthday celebration, a group of ‘handlers’ brought the glowing and tinkling dream capsule into the amphitheater and walked it from level to level, a sweet and calm closure to the days events that brought a big smile to everyone’s face.

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