Foundry Extension Drawing: Elevation.

The Foundry Extension project is nearing completion, with only the shade structures left to finish. Paolo Soleri designed a set of pivoting curved frames to hold the awnings. The curved shape of the structure allows the awning shadow lines to match those of the apse. The awnings can be hoisted according to the shading needs of foundry employees throughout the year.
[Image: DT & Text: JS]

A Post In Fabrication And Transportation

The design calls for steel supporting posts, which are fabricated by Metal Shop Coordinator Jacob Schwartz and Foundry Extension Project Manager Dave Tollas. The posts are transported to the construction site by foundry staff…
[Photo: SA & Text: JS]

The Posts In Place

… and welded in place on the new foundry porch.
[Photo: SA & Text: JS]

The Shade Structure Presentation

At the Equinox celebration lunch in the foundry, Dave Tollas presents the design to Arcosanti residents.
[Photo: SA/YY & Text: JS]

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