Footings are dug for the new loading dock

One of the construction crews working on a small concrete loading dock for the Arcosanti cement shed. First, the footings for the new dock are marked out and a volume of earth is excavated.
[Photo: Therese Kristiansson & text: Jacob Schwartz]

Formwork edges are marked with string, pegged above the ground

Construction manager Scott Riley supervises planning interns Dennis Gerrigk (left) and Boris Pizzeghello (right). The team mark out the boundaries of the future concrete slab, pegging string above the soil to mark edges.
[Photo: Therese Kristiansson & text: Jacob Schwartz]

The footings are poured

First the footings are poured…
[Photo: Therese Kristiansson & text: Jacob Schwartz]

A diverse crew pours the slab

… and then the slab itself. The full crew mixes the concrete (left), including (from right) American crew leader Ray Shong, Swedish planning intern Therese Kristiansson, Brazilian construction volunteer Erika Peres, Italian October 3. workshopper Maria Rita Rodino and construction volunteer Chihiro Adachi from Japan. The international crew transfers the concrete into wheelbarrows and pours the slab. Therese and Chihiro shovel the concrete out of a wheelbarrow (right), and into the formed loading dock space.
Apart from the ongoing construction of the East Crescent, small projects like the new cement shed loading dock allow workshoppers and interns to participate in a wide variety of construction.
[Photo: & text: Jacob Schwartz]

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