A new solar electric system is installed in the East Crescent

Michael Bittman, aka Dr. Sparks, supervises construction crewleader Brendan Scott and October 3. workshopper Lakhena Raingsan in the installation of the solar electrical system in the East Crescent. Dr Sparks is a part-time member of the construction crew, spending much of the year off-site installing renewable energy systems in locations around the United States.
[Photo & Text: Jacob Schwartz]

Dr Sparks explains renewable technologies

Workshoppers are treated to a tour of the renewable-energy technologies incorporated into the East Crescent. Dr. Sparks explains some of the technical aspects of active solar technology developements for the future, and points out parts of the construction site for examples.
[Photo & Text: Jacob Schwartz]

Workshoppers receive a tour of Arcosanti's renewable technologies

Dr. Sparks pauses in front of the electric solar panel array to demonstrate the use of a solar pathfinder. The group also visits the solar hot water systems of tubing panels on the roof of the East Crescent, and the hydronics system of under-floor climate control on the first and second floor of the East Crescent units.
[Photo & Text: Jacob Schwartz]

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